Good industrial designs can accelerate production time and reduce production costs. You can find design tips here for creating plastic and mental parts by CNC machining, injection molding, urethane casting, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, and so on.

Design Tips for Clips

The client asked for design with no screws, so we chose clips. However, the clip hook was broken during drop testing, what should we do?
Learn how to design proper clips to ensure both the function and durability.

Apply the Standard Parameters, Improve Your Manufacturing Efficiency

When the standardized parameters like the hole diameter, taper, threaded hole diameter and pitch and pressure angle in design, clamps and measuring tools can be used to reduce the specialized operation and realize time and cost efficiency in manufacturing

One More Consideration for Your Part Design — Assembly

The earlier you start thinking about application in the design process, the more effective and economical your finished design will be. This design tip will help you keep in mind a frequently overlooked consideration—Assembly.

5 Design Guidelines for Your Drilling Parts

Holes designing are crucial for the connection of drilling parts, and it can directly affect the manufacturing difficulty and cost. To realize on-budget and time-efficient CNC manufacturing, here 5 design guidelines about holes for your CNC drilling parts

3 Design Tips about Sharp Corners in Injection Molded Parts

The sharp corners should be avoided in the plastic parts, as it can impede from plastic melt flow, causing flaws on parts. Meanwhile, stress concentration can be easily generated in the sharp corners and further reduces the strength of parts.

5 Design Tips to Make Your CNC Parts Easy for Milling

Have you considered the machining requirements for part when you are designing the CNC machining parts? On the premise of meeting the function, cosmetic appearance and reliability of products, the design of CNC parts should be easy for manufacturing.

6 Design Tips for You to Get the Desired Injection Molded Parts

Have you considered optimizing the part design to increase part quality, while cut down the manufacturing cost and time? There are design tips about ribs and undercut you could refer to.

4 Design Tips to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency for Your CNC Parts

Do you know how to increase manufacturing efficiency for your CNC parts? There are 4 design tips about clamp in CNC Machining.

4 Guidelines to Find Your Right Prototyping Manufacturing Supplier

How to choose the most suitable service provider to help you get the real products or prototypes from design work? Here are four key points you should concentrate on and verify when selecting the manufacturer.

What`s the Role of Product Design

Product design is the core of the entire industry chain, producing the maximum added value. While the product manufacturing is at the bottom of the industry chain, it generates the minimal added value.

Design Guidelines for Manufacturing and Assembly-Reducing the quantity and type of fasteners

Are you aware of a component does not create added value, while is significant and indispensable for products? That is fasteners.

5 Design Tips to Cut the Cost When Manufacturing Your Parts

The smallest design decisions can have a significant impact on the cost of your CNC machined parts.

Design Guidelines for Manufacturing and Assembly

Manufacturability refers to the ability of a part to be manufactured at a lower cost and higher quality.

How to Design Parts That can Be Easily Picked Up

Parts shall be of proper dimensions so that operators or robot arms can catch them and assemble them easily, not too small or too heavy.

The Standardization of Parts

It can decrease the waste of time and energy dedicated to custom parts, and shorten the development cycle of the products.

Automation Industry Material Application

The quality of non-standard component is related to the normal running of whole equipment and material is the key factor for quality, so for designer, it is really important to know the performance and application of different material well.

3 Ways to Help You Find the Right CNC Machining Materials

Here are 3 general rules you should keep in mind when you select the materials among the numerous options, and the rules may help you get the best option.

Design tips for Clips

The client asked for a design with no screws, so clips are chosen. However, the clip hook was broken during drop testing, what should we do? Here are Design tips for clips.

Design Guidelines for Manufacturing and Assembly — How to Reduce the Quantity of Parts

Under the premise of ensuring the function and quality of the product, simplified design and fewer parts can reduce product cost, shorten product development cycle and improve product development quality.

How RPWORLD Ensure High Quality of Your Volume Metal Projects?

RPWORLD provides custom rapid prototypes and volume parts that can meet your precision requirements on complex geometries structure.

Design Tips to Make Your CNC Machined Part Facilitate Tools Working

As the high-mix, low-volume manufacturing supplier of more than a decade experience, we’d like to share design tips which will make your parts easy for machining.

4 Tips to Find Your Desired Supplier Amid the Pandemic

The pandemic has already brought in a host of challenges to global manufacturing industries, especially for those supply chain has severely delayed, suspended or even damaged.

5 Ways to Realize Your Fast and Cost-Efficient CNC Machining

Product designing is a challenging work, as most manufacturing time and product cost are determined by initial product design. If the product is not designed for manufacturing and cost, it will be doomed to have low-processing efficiency and high-cost in

5 Design Guidelines for Common Machining Parts

Products design is a challenging work. Designer must take every aspect into consideration, including product structure, materials selection, final applications, and even the competitors’ products.

Injection Molding VS CNC Machining VS Urethane Casting Which Do You Choose

When you develop a new product out of an idea all the way through market, there has always been a need for prototypes, which can be used for design evaluation, testing, proof-of-concept and as bridges to volume production.

Eliminating the Sink Mark Before It Occurs

One of the common defects on plastic injection molded parts is sink mark, which appears as a dimple or shallow depression on the surface of a molded part and impacts the part quality and visual appearance.

Mirror, Mirror on the Car, Who's the Most Reliable of Them All

At recent 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony and Honda revealed their first electric vehicle prototype, which is equipped with 45 cameras and sensors, as well as Electric Rearview Mirrors. Electronic rearview mirrors have already made an appearanc

4 Considerations Often Overlooked When Designing Medical Devices

Developing medical devices is a complex and challenging process. Bringing the idea through to the initial prototype and then trial production to final commercialization, you must comply with strict regulations and safety standards.

Streamline Your Product Development with RPWORLD Turnkey Manufacturing

Finding the right supplier for product development and manufacturing can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Some suppliers offer batch production, but this applies to products with a frozen design that cannot be modified.

Dedicated to Your High Quality Parts with Consistency

Unlike the traditional production, the on-demand and customized high-mix, low-volume manufacturing services of RPWORLD allows for the design flexibility that mass manufacturing cannot offer.

What Materials Work Best for Your Medical Device Development?

Choosing a material for new Medical Device Development can have a major influence throughout your medical device life cycle, from design, prototyping, testing, regulatory approvals, and mass production to commercialization and even disposal.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Sheet Metal Parts

When you get a piece of sheet metal, it tends to be soft and weak, and can be bent easily—comparing with the metal blocks. But if it is so weak, why product developers are still applying the sheet metal to the auto parts, or design it into enclosure, hous

Grille Design Trends—What Is Shining?

The active grille shutter, one of the most significant “big part” since the car was born. Though it wasn’t created accompanied the birth of first car, it is now, and surely will always be one of the most important auto parts.

Tips for Choosing a Medical Device Manufacturing Supplier

You want some medical device prototypes or low-volume production parts to verify the design structure, materials or even your whole medical device idea?

Supercharge EVs Performance and Safety with Optimized Battery Pack Design

According to the Global EV Outlook from IEA, the EV stock reaches 145 million in 2030, accounting for 7% of the road vehicle fleet. However, one of the main challenges facing EVs is the battery, which determines the performance, range, safety, and cost of

Customized Drivetrain Components Meeting the Challenges

What’s the extent of impact of electric vehicle on drivetrain system? Electric Vehicle is driving significant change in drivetrain design for electric vehicles, with the use of different kinds of automatic transmissions and integrated units to optimize ef

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Machined Parts

Designing parts for CNC machining may seem straightforward—raw materials is removed from a solid block to create the desired shape. However, there are many ways your designs can encounter issues may arise from parts that are not designed with manufacturab

Everything You Need to Know about Injection Molded Holes

The holes,slots,and depressions in plastic parts are crucial features for proper assembly,ventilation,and even providing aesthetic value in some products. These features are formed by the core, the protruding part, of the mold.

4 Ways Advancing EV Charging by On-demand Manufacturing

Go green and save green with electric vehicles! Unlike traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, electric vehicles run on batteries, cutting down on harmful greenhouse gas emissions and saving energy.

Simplifying Medical Device Design

The global medical device contract research organization market was valued at $7.21 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 8.8% from 2023 to 2030. The market growth can be attributed to the growing demand for advance

6 Easily Overlooked Considerations in CNC Part Design

Yes, we won't be discussing the common sense in CNC design, such as fillets, thin walls, or deep cavities. You're probably already well-versed in these principles.

6 Ways to Reduce Your Sheet Metal Parts Cost

Sheet metal fabrication is considered a cost-effective manufacturing method. However, if your product design is over intricate, or if you choose inappropriate assembly method, it still can be a costly process. Here’re 6 efficient ways to cut the cost for

6 Ways to Reduce Costs for Injection Molded Parts

Are you looking to cut costs for your injection molding parts without compromising on quality and functionality? While injection molding process may seem costly compared to CNC machining and 3D printing

Will Vacuum Casting Still Have a Place in the World of 3D Printing

Is Vacuum Casting process about to become obsolete? This is not an abrupt question. Vacuum casting is a widely used and cost-effective manufacturing solution for prototyping and low-volume production.

Driving Efficiency Exploring Lightweight Materials in Automotive Applications

According to a recent research report, the global automotive lightweight materials market is expected to grow 7.3% CAGR from 2023 to 2029. It is expected to reach above $1331.41 Billion by 2029 from $74.79 Billion in 2022.

6 Essential Tips for Selecting Reliable Mechanical Parts Suppliers

Finding the right mechanical parts suppliers can be challenging, yet it's crucial for your product development’s success. We've compiled essential insider tips to help you simplify your search, ensuring you quickly identify the right and reliable manufa

Understanding Flatness in CNC Machined Parts

Are you developing a prototype or mechanical part that features flat surfaces? Although your designs may appear flat, post-production warping can significantly affect prototype validation and part assembly.

How On-Demand Manufacturing Powers Unmanned Logistic Vehicles Revolution

The development of unmanned logistic vehicles is revolutionizing last-mile deliveries! However, these vehicles, equipped with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and autonomous navigation systems, have faced significant investment in their