The smallest design decisions can have a significant impact on the cost of your CNC machined parts. Do you know how to reduce the cost by a few adjustments to your part design? Please have a look at the 5 design tips which contain processing hole, manufacturing surface and parts depth.
1. Adding a processing hole
Adding a processing hole to uniformize the wall thickness, and it can avoid deformation during heat treatment.
2. The structure of the part
In original design, the thin wall thickness is easily deformed by clamping force or cutting force. While in optimal design, the rigidity of part is increased after adding the bosses.
3. The outside surface
In original design, it's difficult to process an interior annular groove. While in optimal design, it’s easy to manufacture on the outside surface of the part, and does not impact the usage.
4. The machining area of milling
The machining area of milling should not be too deep, and the depth-to-width ratio should not exceed 3:1. Otherwise, the milling cutter is easy to break.
5. Long milling cutter
If a long milling cutter is unavoidable, the design can be optimized to improve the life of the milling cutter as the following pictures shows.
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