RPWORLD is committed to ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) efforts, which provide the business with opportunity to lead on sustainability and build enterprise value in the process. By supporting the development of digital manufacturing, RPWORLD has administrated sustainable initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment, give back to the society, and drive sustainable development and minimizes reputational risk.

Environmental: Reducing Carbon Footprint

RPWORLD strives to operate business in a manner that leaves the smallest environmental impact as possible. The comprehensive equipment for flue gas cleaning has been invested at RPWORLD, following by our longtime-existing scrap and fluid recycling measures. We are proud that we have made great strides to reduce our carbon footprint and the sustainable manufacturing services.

  • The flue gas cleaning equipment was installed to purify the flue gas, which firstly goes through the water spraying, then UV photolysis and activated carbon adsorption equipment to completely decompose the harmful substances.
  • All solid waste is classified and recycled at RPWORLD, no burden on our natural environment.
  • At RPWORLD CNC machining facilities, the natural mineral oil mixed with water are used, and will be filtered and recycled several times for maximum efficiency.

Social: Empowering People to Change

RPWORLD, as one of the leading manufacturing suppliers, is obligated to give back to the community and empower people to change for the better. The great efforts include collaborate with schools to cultivate the young professionals, care about the employees and their well-beings, and help the global fight against pandemic during COVID-19.

  • Establish school-enterprise cooperation model with universities at home and abroad to cultivate the young talents.
  • Sponsor Concordia University with Mars rover development.
  • RPWORLD cares about employees and their well-beings, and holds a variety of activities, such as family tours, birthday parties and more to balance work and life.
  • Organize seminars for employees to communicate expertise and share insights; Provide the definite career development ladder for employees to develop professionally.
  • Help fight against the global pandemic, prioritize the medical-related manufacturing to accelerate the production, including core parts of mask making machine and medical ventilators.
  • Encourage innovation, and has gained a wide variety of patent certificates.

Governance:Creating Sustainability with Better Governance

RPWORLD is continually changing to drive sustainable development and minimize reputational risk. Our initiatives include the continual development on business, protection of intellectual property protection, and sustainable and resilient supply chain management. The flexibility to grow with the customers’ needs just enables sustainability, which also represents the better RPWORLD governance.

Continued to create more employment opportunities since establishment.

Be honored with a reliable supplier with DUNS Registered, and Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAA Credit Rating.

Protect the intellectual property, and sign NDA with clients before collaboration begins.

Integrate the local supply chain resources and drive intelligent manufacturing development of surrounding regions.

The Future Sustainable Manufacturing is Now

RPWORLD believes that sustainable manufacturing and business are very closely linked. To date, RPWORLD has already implemented various of initiatives in everything we do, and achieved long-term accomplishments. Yes, sustainable manufacturing is the wave of the future, and now, as it has arrived.