Customer Case Study

Wisdom of others can be learned as our own treasure. Learn how innovative companies use rapid manufacturing to solve complex development challenges and launch successful products to market fast by cooperating with RPWORLD.

Prototyping and production support for a fast developing medical devices company in Europe

RPWORLD supports a fast developing medical devices company in Europe from prototype to customized production for the high class eye diagnostics device, whose demand is characterized by multiple varieties and small batch, and surface treatment and assembly requirement also has challenging requirement.

RPWORLD --- Your One-stop Manufacturing Service Provider

The client is a German customized company specialized in miniature instrument. Their customers are mainly instrument and apparatus companies from 20 countries all over the world. surface treatment.

A Small Hole, The Great Capability

The client is a mechanical equipment company with more than 20 branches all over the world. They need prototypes matching their industrial installations. The prototypes are made of aluminum alloy, and high accuracy of holes are required.

What Customer Say about Our Response After They Receiving Damaged Parts?

The customer company is located in Switzerland. They ordered a batch of injection molded and CNC-milled parts.

The Story of the Birth of E one

A company well-known for superior analytical instruments and laboratory equipment opted for RPWORLD to produce 100 units assembly parts of a Spectrometer per order, the total demand is 400 sets per year.

How To Control The Production Cost For Customer

They are searching for a low-volume precision laboratory equipment provider who can meet the tight deadlines, decrease production costs and ensure the quality consistency. Then RPWORLD enters their view.

Pilot Production of Biochemistry Analyser

A medical company sought to develop a new biochemistry analyzer product. Development was stalled due to the complex structure of a component and the small quality required.

Optical Probe From Concept to Reality

Our client, a high-tech company in the field of infrared detection technology research, appointed us for the production of 200 sets of optical probe components.

Faster than Courier Services

Prototypes for exhibitions are quite different from standard development prototypes as they have strict cosmetic appearance requirements. The project was quite complex, and considering the urgent deadline there was no room for mistakes.

Why RPWORLD was Regarded as a Helper on Client's Cost & Time Efficiency

As a high-mix, low-volume manufacturer, RPWORLD knows that this company is famous for its extremely strict product quality request.

RPWORLD Offers Great Support in Customer's Newly- designed Automobile Part to Market

RPWORLD regards customers as product development partners and takes that belief through each step of the production life circle. What we used to produce the prototypes reduced production time by 50%, and the cost was only 50% of mass production.

Aesthetic Model of Automobile Headlight

The client is a well-known automotive company. They developed a new headlights, and then come to RPWORLD for high quality aesthetic model.

Robot Case From Concept to Reality

Ross Robotics is a privately owned UK company specializing in modular robotics. The company was formed in 2015 and has successfully developed the technologies underpinning the modular robotics platform.

Prototyping Development of Cross Car Beam

The Cross Car Beam (CCB) is a component located in the front of the vehicle under the instrument panel (IP). It is normally designed to support the steering column, airbags, and instrument panel.

Prototyping And Production Support

A rapidly-growing European medical device firm was looking for a partner for their high-end eye diagnostics device. Annual demand for product is hundreds of units, with a design could require modifications in order to respond to the changing market needs.

Prototype and Low Volume Production Supports for Impeller Assembly

The client, one of the world's leading manufacturer of automation machines, found RPWORLD to provide qualified prototypes and low volume solutions for monthly order of 40 units.

Accelerating the Products to Market by Innovation Combined with Craftsmanship

Timing is always important for us, RPWORLD have shipped almost all of the orders within the estimated time, that has always helped us to keep running smoothly without having to wait for something to come in.

Turnkey Service of Automotive Interiors

With the high degree of technical complexity and integrated project management, the automotive industry has always been an outstanding representative of high-end manufacturing.

Dental Medical Instrument R & D

Driven by the guidance of national policies and market demand, China has become a huge consumer market for medical devices, and the medical device industry has developed rapidly. 

BTO Production of Analytical Instrument

A company well-known for superior analytical instruments and laboratory equipment opted for RPWORLD to produce 100 units assembly parts of a Spectrometer per order, the total demand is 400 sets per year.