Who We Are

INNORAPID LIMITED with brand RPWORLD, founded in 2003, is committed to high-mix, low-volume manufacturing services. Over more than 19 years, RPWORLD has been providing customized one-stop manufacturing solutions for 20,000+ projects from 40 countries around the globe, becoming one of the fastest and most comprehensive manufacturing suppliers in the world. Focusing on

With over a decade of fast and steady development, INNORAPID LIMITED becomes one of the world's fastest digital manufacturing sources for rapid prototyping, high-mix low-volume and on-demand production. The technology-enabled company produces custom parts and assemblies in as fast as one day with CNC machining, Injection Molding, Urethane Casting, Surface Treatment, Sheet Metal Fabrication, automated 3D printing and more, RPWORLD empowers global R&D based industries, such as medical device, scientific instruments, aerospace, automotive parts, to bring new ideas to market quickly and cost-effectively by world-class prototyping and manufacturing solutions.


In 2003, the initial founder George Wei established the brand RPWORLD®, and began supplying rapid prototyping service to overseas clients.


In 2006, two key persons Steve and Simon, from fortune 500 enterprise and local government origanization, joined the team as co-founders. They treated RPWORLD® as the core business and focused on exploring overseas market.


In 2010, driven by the need of market and innovation, RPWORLD® strove to explore domestic clients while still underpinning overseas market. and largely expanded our territory in Chinese market to provide technical consultancy and manufacturing


In 2014, based on the need of the future business development and attracting strategic investors, RPWORLD® business expand overseas market with all efforts. INNORAPID LIMITED was registered in Hong Kong to operate RPWORLD®.


In 2016, Dedicated to engineering consultancy and manufacturing solutions, delivering 300% revenue growth of European market.


In 2018, Committed to high-mix, low-volume manufacturing solutions to accelerate product innovation for global companies.


In 2020, Rapidly manufactured core components for mask making machines and ventilators to help fight against the global pandemic.


In 2021, In-house facility enlarged to further expand the manufacturing capability.