No one Olympics athlete can achieve gold medal without hard training. Just like a popular product needs "hard training" ---the repeated design, verification and improvement, before going to market. When it comes to this point, it is extremely crucial to find a qualified and suitable low-volume manufacturer along your product development.

How to choose the most suitable service provider to help you get the real products or prototypes from design work? Here are four key points you should concentrate on and verify when selecting the manu-
1. What kind of manufacturing supplier are you looking for?

Please note that you are choosing manufacturing factory or manufacturer focusing on prototyping as their primary business. Please do not take manufacturing factory as priority, unless you can guarantee that your design is perfect, and can be fabricated without a bit modification.

Therefore, a higher level and capability of prototyping manufacturer would be friendly with your changing requirements and repeated modification on prototype stage.

RPWORLD is concentrated on high-mix and low-volumemanufacturing service and rapid prototyping service, and accepts repeated modification on design and mold. What’smore, RPWORLD is a good partner along your product development, as we not only accelerate steps for productsto market and reduce development costs, but also minimize risk throughout product life cycle.

2. What range of services does your prototyping supplier offer?

Please take an investigation on your supplier and make clear the range of services they are offering. It’s crucial to make sure that your supplier provides multiple service. Since you don’t want your prototypes to be machined by a few manufacturing suppliers, such as a supplier doesn’t offer CNC machining, injection molding or surface treatment service. Therefore, choosing several manufacturers for one prototyping part will cause more risks and raise communication costs.

RPWORLD, a one-stop service provider would be your perfect choice. You can enjoy a series of service at RPWORLD starting from your primary design work to real products. To realize that, we offer CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Urethane Casting, 3D Printing, Sheet Metal Fabrication, various high-quality surface treatment and free DFMA.

3. Is your low-volume manufacturer able to keep costs down and improve efficiencies?
Choosing the right supplier could not only judge by the equipment they use, or the processes they are capable of. Keeping cost down and improving efficiencies should be considered as valuable thing for the qualified supplier.

RPWORLD is dedicated to lean production techniques, and importing advanced facilities and automation robot, which will be great help for efficiency improvement. In addition, we have sound quality control system, and professional engineers with 10+year experience can offer on-budget and time-saving suggestions.

4. Is your intellectual property under protection when your project arrives at your low-volume manufa- cturer?
Prototyping is life for a company at some point, and it must be under strict protection no matter in design stage, or low-volume manufacturing or mass production. Signing an NDA before accepting your offer, and finding if a product image being used for market purpose without permission of owner are ways to select your right suppliers.

Every client and employee must sign an NDA with RPWORLD, and your prototypes will be under protection within years. Any information labeled as confidential will be disclosed to the limited employees having a need to know or to receive such confidential information to produce or furnish the products.

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