RPWORLD Marks 20 Years of On-demand Manufacturing with Further Production Enhancement

16 November, 2023
RPWORLD, one of the leading mechanical parts manufacturers in on-demand manufacturing, is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2023. Founded in 2003, RPWORLD has been dedicated to providing rapid prototyping and on-demand production services tailored to the diverse needs of innovative industries all over the world. Over the past two decades, RPWORLD has successfully completed over 20,000 projects for more than 3,000 customers from 40+ countries, establishing itself as one of the fastest and most comprehensive manufacturing suppliers in the industry.

The key to RPWORLD's achievements lies in its comprehensive manufacturing model, which combines the changing customer needs with the on-demand manufacturing services. This approach allows RPWORLD to produce custom or complex-geometry components in the shortest time, also ensures the flexible and rapid manufacturing to help customers stay ahead in the competitive market.

To meet the increasing demand for its services, RPWORLD has continuously expanded its manufacturing capabilities. RPWORLD’s recent acquisition of advanced equipment has enabled faster turnaround times and rapid iteration for customer product development. Ranging from 10 to 1,000 pieces, RPWORLD CNC machining delivers accurate and consistent parts in as fast as 3 days and meets DIN ISO 2768 M (F) standards. And the highly automated injection molding allows production runs ranging from 100 to over 100,000 pieces. The enhancement of its manufacturing capabilities makes it easier and faster for product developers to get prototype parts and high-volume parts and to accelerate product development cycles.


In celebration of this significant milestone, Simon, RPWORLD's CEO, expressed his gratitude to the customers, employees, and partners who have contributed to the company's growth and success over the past 20 years. He highlighted RPWORLD's unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality manufacturing solutions and its dedication to continuous improvement.

Steve, the General Manager of RPWORLD, also emphasized the company's achievements in revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. He stated, “Our customers are seeking manufacturing solutions that can adapt to the increasingly shorter product development life cycle, and RPWORLD is uniquely tailored to meet their needs, offering a comprehensive and one-stop manufacturing solutions from rapid prototyping to on-demand production. RPWORLD has successfully made the advanced manufacturing technologies accessible to innovative industries, from automotive parts, medical devices, scientific instruments and more.”

RPWORLD's digital manufacturing capabilities, which include CNC machining, injection molding, vacuum casting, sheet metal fabrication, and surface treatment, have significantly accelerated time to market for customers while reducing development and production costs. By leveraging the power of expertise and infinite manufacturing capabilities, RPWORLD continues to minimize risk and enhance the overall product life cycle for customers.

CNC Machining InjectionMolding VacuumCasting Sheet MetalFabrication SurfaceTreatment

As RPWORLD enters its 20th year of business operation, the company remains committed to pushing the boundaries of on-demand manufacturing and delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its global customer base.

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