RPWORLD Achieves ISO13485 Certification —Elevating Standards in Medical Device Manufacturing

20 December, 2023
RPWORLD is proud to announce a significant achievement in our quality assurance journey—obtaining the ISO 13485 certification. This prestigious certification marks a major advancement of RPWORLD towards the highest standards of quality and safety in medical device manufacturing.

ISO 13485 certification is a globally recognized quality management system standard specifically designed for the medical device and health-related product manufacturing industry. This certification shows a company's adherence to rigorous quality control measures and regulatory compliance, ensuring the safety and reliability of its medical device parts.

Obtaining the ISO 13485 certification was a rigorous process that involved a comprehensive assessment of RPWORLD's quality management systems. The audit scrutinized various aspects, including product safety, risk management, regulatory compliance and much more. The achievement highlights our continuous improvement in manufacturing practices, particularly in the most demanding medical applications. This certification serves as a crucial precursor for regulatory submissions, particularly for clients aiming to gain FDA approval in the United States or from the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

With the ISO 13485 certification, RPWORLD is happy to support your medical related projects from design to market. It assures enhanced quality assurance, aligning with stringent regulatory standards. This benefits our clients with quicker approval processes and reliable, high-standard manufacturing for a range of medical products, from handheld devices to complex equipment like ventilators and prosthetics.


RPWORLD: Advancing Excellence in Medical Device Manufacturing

Achieving the ISO 13485 certification is not just an accomplishment; it's a steppingstone in RPWORLD's ongoing journey towards excellence. It’s not just a benchmark for our medical-related manufacturing; it extends to every project we undertake. This achievement is a testament to our dedication to advancing excellence, ensuring precision and reliability in healthcare manufacturing.

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