Founded in 2003, RPWORLD was rooted in rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing service. With 17 years healthy and rapid development, RPWORLD is committed to providing one-stop manufacturing service and engineering consult for the R&D clients around the globe. Our vision is to offer the innovative manufacturing solutions, earn the long-term trust as well as respects from customers, and lead the way in the intelligent manufacturing industry.

We have cooperated with the agent in Europe from 2016, and it has seen a 300% rise in sales locally by half a year. The business model of combining local sales team with Chinese manufacturing and technology support has been successful. Therefore, we expect to accelerate the distribution of agents globally, becoming accessible for customers from all corners of the world.

Now, we are on the lookout for the agents around the globe. We expect to develop in-depth strategic cooperation and realize win-win achievement. Are you ready for your own business? We are looking forward to hearing from you.

• Manage and develop the brand image of RPWORLD
• Explore the business in the region and achieve sales budgets
• Provide the outstanding customer service to existing customers,
strengthening business partnerships
• Develop new business and make RPWORLD acknowledged
• Analyze the current market and competitors and provide reports
Skills / Experience:

• Experience in rapid prototyping and manufacturing
• Experience in selling technical products and solutions of
manufacturing industries
• Strong existing personal customer network, especially at Medical,
Instrumentations, Automotive and more mechanical engineering industries
• Competent in leading your team and highly ambitious for your own
• Optimistic, positive and with integrity
We are looking for agents of the following regions:
Europe: Germany, Netherlands, France, U.K.,
Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium
North America: Canada, United States
— Western United States: California
— Eastern United States: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida
— Central United States: Minnesota, Illinois, Texas
Asia: Japan

Our Services
RPWORLD is committed to high-mix, low-volume manufacturing service for global R&D based clients, helping them avoid production risk and cut the cost and time along the life cycle of their product development. We provide:
Our Advantages
Provide one-stop manufacturing service to meet all your requirements for prototypes and low-volume production.
Cut development cost and time for customers, and eliminate risks before production begins.
Focus on the company expanding around the globe and focusing on the growth of employees. RPWORLD encourage employees to make innovative thinking and are willing to make investment on advanced technology and talent.
Have extensive experience in manufacturing as well as the professional technology background and are dedicated to providing innovative manufacturing services.
Our Values
Believe quality is the key factor to achieve success, and are committed to zero-defect products.
Customer-oriented and strive to exceed your expectations.
A human-oriented company, proud to have a team with talented engineers, skilled machinists, and dedicated employees.
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