What is 5-axis CNC Machining ?

5-axis CNC machining can produce parts with complex geometries and increase productivity by reducing the number of machine setups. It allows the rotation of the machine bed or the tool head (or both) and the three linear axes of movements. It is extremely suitable for deeper parts made from harder materials, and it guarantees a high degree of precision due to using shorter machining tools. The machining speed is also faster, while tool vibration is reduced.

How Does 5-axis CNC Machining Work ?

  1. ● The cutting tool move along three linear axis and two rotational axes relative to the work piece.
  2. ● All five axis move simultaneously during all machining operations.


Maximum Dimension of 5 axis CNC Machining Parts


More Than 17-year CNC Machining Experience

With over 17-year experience in high-mix low-volume field, RPWORLD is one of the world's fastest CNC machining source for machined prototypes and production parts.

Suitable for Challengeable and Complex Structures

5-axis machining uses a tool which moves in 5 different directions corresponding to the 3 linear X, Y and Z axes, to which are added two axes, A and B, around which the tool rotates. With such a configuration, the part can be approached from all directions and can be worked from five sides in a single operation.

High Quality & Consistent Stability

High-precision and high-efficiency full-automatic robot arms can work 24h*7 days, which enable us to consistently ensure good precision and good efficiency in the course of our customers' product manufacturing.

Materials Available with 5-axis CNC Machining at RPWORLD

Here are the materials available for CNC Machining at RPWORLD as below:

Materials Material Category Attributes / Applications
304 Stainless Steel Metal /
316 Stainless Steel Metal /
Carbon Steel Metal /
Copper H59 Metal /
Copper H62 Metal /
Aluminum Alloys - 2017 Metal /
Aluminum Alloys - 5052 Metal /
Aluminum Alloys - 6061 Metal /
Aluminum Alloys - 6063 Metal /
Aluminum Alloys - 6082 Metal /
Aluminum Alloys - 7075 Metal /
PA+GF Plastic Gear / Machinery / Automobile
PEEK Plastic Automotive and Electrical Applications
LDPE/HDPE Plastic Packaging
PA6+GF30 Plastic Bearing / Gear / Machinery / Automobile / Electric apparatus
PPS Plastic Good heat resistance. Electrical parts / Auto parts / Chemical equipment
PTFE Plastic High-frequency electronic equipment / Radar / Insulation parts
PS Plastic Lampshades / Transparent food containers / Cassette tape cases
PA Plastic Bearing / Gear / Machinery / Automobile / Electric apparatus
PP Plastic Housings / Living hinges / Thin-Walled Parts
PMMA Plastic Vehicle lights / Lenses / Light pipes
POM Plastic Good abrasion resistance. Gears / Bearings
PC/ABS Plastic Automotive interior part / Consumer electronics product / High-end helmet / Mobile phone casing / General molding product
PC Plastic Excellent transparency, high heat resistance, ultra high impact resistance, dimensional stability, etc., a wide range of applications.
ABS Plastic An excellent engineering plastic.Housings / Lamp seats / Toys / Household appliances

Surface Finishes

After machining, surface finishes are applied and customers can select the appearance, surface roughness, hardness and chemical resistance of the finished parts as they like. What surface finishing can I get? Click Here

High Precision

High Precision Full CMM inspection to guarantee the high precision of the products

Quality Assurance

  • Quality System Certification ISO9001:2015 obtained since 2015.
  • Strict quality controlflow: IQC(Incoming Quality Control), FAI (First Article Inspection), IPQC(InPut Process Quality Control), OQC(Outgoing Quality Control) and COC (Certificate of Conformance) can be provided at your request.
  • Rich Inspection Ways and Inspection tools, like pin gauge, colorimeter etc.
  • High-precision Testing Equipment:Quadratic Element Image Measuring Instrument and 3D-coordinate Measurement Instrument.
  • Sound Storage System to Keep the consistency of the product quality.
  • Well-trained QA Team with over 10-year experiences.
  • Strict Quality Control System to keep processes improvement and optimization.
  • Material certificates and test reports can be provided on request.

Industries Applied

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