A medical company sought to develop a new biochemistry analyzer product. Development was stalled due to the complex structure of a component and the small quality required.Then they found RPWORLD to help them get out of the dilemma.


★ Structure too complex for injection molding or CNC milling
★ Production quantity is very low(50 to 500 sets per year)

Processes Chosen

• After meticulous analysis and discussion, we chose SRM(Silicon rubber molding)/vacuum casting/urethane casting.

Material Selection

• To meet cosmetic and performance requirements, ABS performance polyurethane resin was selected. It provided competent mechanical properties, including impact resistance.

Production Schedule
• Rapid prototyping and testing 4 days
• Silicon rubber molding and testing 4 days
• 50 units manufacturing by vacuum casting 6 days
• After-treatment was done by our experienced technicians 2 days
• Total 16 days


√ Lead time was decreased by 50%
√ Production cost was only 20%~30% of traditional tooling solution
√ All production, after-treatment and pre-assembly was completed by one single supplier---RPWORLD, which greatly reduced the project’s technical risks.

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