Urethane casting is a fast and cost-effective method of producing small series from a silicone mold. A silicone mold is made with the help of a prototype which serves as the basis for the duplication process of the original piece. Thanks to the flexibility of the silicone, complex intermeshing geometries can be achieved without demoulding problems. The base material used for the reproductions is a liquid polyurethane resin which with the use of additives can simulate the properties of a wide variety of plastics. Between 15 and 30 parts can be produced depending on the requirements of the material and surface finish. This method is ideal for the production of small batches and prototypes in which the production of expensive injection molding tools is not feasible.

In the case of relatively small quantities, Urethane Casting Process is more economical process, while costs of both CNC and Injection Molding are much higher.

There are also some customized products only need dozens per year, one-time investment of silicone mold is a good option, such as large biochemical analyzers, spectrum analyzers, etc.

By using polyurethane materials, you can simulate the general properties of injection molding materials. For Some special requirements, like under-cut structure, soft plastic materials, or the customer need solid color plastic.

Urethane Casting Process

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