Our client, a high-tech company in the field of infrared detection technology research, appointed us for the production of 200 sets of optical probe components. Due to their complex structures and undercut details, injection molding or CNC machining were not feasible. Local suppliers in North America, were unable to do it unless the design was changed. However, to certify the product functionality, the structure design could not be changed. Thus the client turned to us for help.


★ How to select the most suitable manufacturing process to meet the customer’s needs?
★ How to attain the requirements of flame-retardant performance?
★ How to achieve the solid colour, good surface effect and desired mechanical performance for the product?
★ How to guarantee high quality and launch the product as early as possible?

Processes Chosen

• After careful structural analysis, urethane casting was chosen. Besides, mold inserts and sliders were added in the mold design.

Material Selection

• Materials need to have a certain degree of mechanical strength and flame-retardant. Eventually, we chose the UL-94 V0 degree ABS performance polyurethane.

Production Schedule
• Rapid prototyping and testing 4 days
• Silicon mold manufacturing and testing 3 days
• Replication of 200 units by urethane casting 7 days
• After-treatment by specialist 5 days
• Total 30 days


√ With RPWORLD manufacturing solution, the lead time was reduced by 50%, 200 units were delivered within one month.
√ Production cost was saved 80%.
√ Clients enjoyed smooth prototype testing and saved a lot of time and cost in R&D.
√ All production, after-treatment and pre-assembly were provided by a single supplier, RPWORLD, which greatly reduced project risks.
√ Close communication and professional coordination ensured high quality and launching schedule.
√ Long-term product development partnership with RPWORLD established.


RPWORLD has been extremely helpful with the current round of production parts. Turnaround of the project is very fast and the parts are of extremely good quality with excellent surface finish. This is a valuable factor when planning future development. You are true to your motto “Under Promise, over Deliver”!
— Chief Technology Officer

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