The client, one of the world's leading manufacturer of automation machines, found RPWORLD to provide qualified prototypes and low volume solutions for monthly order of 40 units. They had a new tooling machine under R&D stage, a key component, the impeller assembly failed, which caused delay of the whole product development process.So the client contacted RPWORLD to address the delay problem.
1. How to select the most suitable manufacturing solution to meet the client's needs?

2. How to attain a tight fit on the impeller assembly?

3. How to achieve the impeller assembly work long time underwater?

4. How to ensure high quality and launch the product as early as possible?
1. Rehearse a failed impeller assembly testing

To found the root cause of the prototype production, we remade prototypes with the same production process and rehearse a failed impeller assembly testing
● Make the impeller with CNC machining and bonded together with ordinary glue, special glue, etc.
● Make the impeller with CNC machining, surface-treatment on the metal and cermet part to make them rough, then bond 3 parts together.
After several testing, it turns out CNC machining and bonding could not meet the assembly requirement.
2. New production process trial

In view of the trial and error of the impeller assembly, RPWORLD finally decided to try vacuum casting process to conduct the experiment.
● Make a master with 3D printing process.
● Make a mold frame, mix the liquid material, and put into the vacuum machine for the first time.
● Position the impeller assembly in the mold frame and set the mold release location.
● Place the prototype and mold frame in a vacuum machine for vacuum casting. The second evacuation is to avoid imperfections in the finished product.
● Put in oven for constant temperature curing for 3-4 hours.
● Separate the mold, and finally perform post-processing to complete the sample.
The sample was sent to the client for underwater experiment. And we were told the vacuum casted sample passed long time underwater work test.
● Production time was reduced by 50%;
● Production cost was only 20%~30% of traditional tooling solution.
● Long term product development partner.
● Clients enjoyed smooth prototype testing and saved a lot of time and cost in R&D.
● All production, after-treatment and pre-assembly was provided by a single supplier, RPWORLD, which greatly reduced project risk.
● Close communication and professional coordination ensured high quality and launching schedule.
In the end, RPWORLD became the system supplier of impeller assembly, the tooling machine was successfully sold worldwide. RPWORLD have also become long-term and strategic partner with the client.

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