As an outstanding car parts supplier in Germany, the client has cooperated with several world-famous automobile manufacturers for years. The client found RPWORLD, asking for 30-50 sets of newly-designed water tank of advanced automobile to test the performance. And applying the real materials was required, which ensures the design and chosen material were fully under verification. To complete the performance test and put into mass production, the client expected to receive the prototypes in the shortest time.
There was a hollow thin tube with length 250 mm and diameter 3 mm. The complex geometry structure made the production a challenging work.
The real materials should be used (PE and PC were appointed). Real materials cannot be applied in all processes. Only the engineering team with skill and experience who were aware of pros and cons of each process will enable the production.
The leading-time was tight. Though it was a program with difficulties, we were asked to deliver within 30 days, for they wanted to accelerate the speed to market after testing.

Our specialists started to analyze the suitable process for the water tank. Being made of PE and PC, the water tank can be processed via rapid tooling or vacuum casting. However, the water tank is a little big for vacuum casting, especially there is a complex structure, which increases the vacuum casting difficulty. As for rapid tooling, is natural born for the variety request in real plastic production, which could solve the problems perfectly. Therefore, rapid tooling, the most widely used and cost-effective production in volume plastic processing, would be a priority. With days’hard work, the water tank prototype was completed within 30 days. After communication, the client confirmed that the prototype was exactly what they wanted. Shortly, 50 sets customized water tank prototypes with real material were on board in time.


√ By offering the most flawless industry solutions, RPWORLD streamlines development process. In addition, RPWORLD regards customers as product development partners and takes that belief through each step of the production life circle. What we used to produce the prototypes reduced production time by 50%, and the cost was only 50% of mass production. We meet the needs of the customer perfectly.


We receive the real water tank in optimal timing and perfect quality, and the performance test was a success as well. As you should know that the water tank is in the stage of mass production, which just satisfy orders from vehicle manufacturers. All I want to say is, thank you very much for your effort in the project, which really benefits us greatly. Certainly, we are looking forward constant cooperation.
— Manager of R&D

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