• Industry background

Driven by the guidance of national policies and market demand, China has become a huge consumer market for medical devices, and the medical device industry has developed rapidly. 

• R&D background

Digitization and informatization of medical imaging equipment provide reliable help to remote medical diagnosis and treatment by means of internet technology, improve medical diagnosis and treatment in remote and out-of-step areas, carry out remote operation with surgical robots or direct the front through modern communication The surgeon operates an immediate surgical solution to improve the level of medical technology that can not be solved locally or is unable to visit the site due to spatial distance.

• The core value of medical equipment

The so-called medical equipment refers to the instruments, devices, apparatus, materials or other articles, including the required software, used alone or in combination with the human body; their purpose is to achieve the purpose of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, guardianship and remission of the disease. In addition, medical devices are devoted to simplifying the treatment process, reducing the energy consumption in the medical process and protecting the health care workers' own health.
•  Project definition

In order to achieve efficient, clear, traceable dental procedures, the company developed a high-definition videomedical instrument.
•  Product features

① Video broadcasting (Wired, Wireless)
② Shadowless light source
③ Image processing
④ Automated six degrees of freedom arm
⑤ Video capture, fast storage
• Compared with other similar products

① The product uses 1080P HD CCD movement, intelligent image processing, to maximize the video image clarity, color accuracy and color temperature conditions, to achieve 60-100 times the image magnification.

② A variety of controllers coexist to deal with the convenience of image control in different situations.

• Product commercial advantage

① Through excellent control of process control and supply chain, a good solution to small volume of medical products, demanding, complex assembly problems, reduce production costs.

② Established in mature sales channels and customer systems, through the deployment of front-end sales and back-end production, to achieve a single production, excellent after-sales guidance and technical support to ensure the use of the full life of the product.

•  Project scope

The project's achievements, including documentation and system software, can be used as a typical case of oral medical
video capture solution construction.

• Project objectives

① Video capture Use of the instrument, in dental surgery, teaching the oral operating environment will be enlarged, real-time transmission to the display, to facilitate surgical observation and control, magnification linear controllable. To meet the dental surgery due to the structure of the human body, posture restrictions, resulting in physicians not easy to observe the patient's teeth and the implementation of treatment. Simple pedometers and hand controls to help physicians scaling, focusing and grasping video images to meet the hygienic requirements of surgery and meet the portable needs in teaching.

② Mechanical structure
The use of multiple degrees of freedom in the robotic arm allows the acquisition of the camera to take place from any possible angle, avoiding the high physical exertion of physicians in traditional dental surgery and the associated illnesses caused by poor posture.
③ lighting source
LED high-brightness light source, multi-level illumination adjustment, to meet different requirements for the ambient brightness, spherical layout of light sources to achieve lighting shadowless lighting requirements. High-frequency light source frequency to avoid stroboscopic and distortion problems during video capture.
• Client and end-user introduction

The project's customers for the oral medical clinics, departments to provide to meet the oral treatment,teaching equipment.


•  Kick-off meeting

Organize project stakeholders,
project sponsors,
develop project charter.
Make WBS.
 •  Core components selection

Determine the purchase plan and the part model based on the product's functional scope.
•  Control functions                                                                             •  Product ID draft stereotypes
•  Test optimization

•  Production prototype


In the long-term cooperation, we have established profound friendship and trust with our clients. Both parties have great confidence in the current design
and research and start to follow-up iterative plans and marketing programs.

— R&D Manager
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